Constance Lucille Nash Brady, A.I.A.

Constance had an architectural practice in the Bethel Island, California area since 1980. Many houses and business buildings in Bethel Island, Discovery Bay, and Antioch stand as monuments to Constance's talent. One homeowner said, "I think of Constance every time I drive up to my house and it welcomes me." These tangible monuments, though numerous, are only a part of Constance's many contributions to her community.

Constance was the first woman to graduate from the College of Architecture at the California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. The college apparently had never expected a woman might attend their school and therefore had not built a woman's restroom in the building. Things changed after Constance arrived. She was licensed by the State of California to practice architecture in 1967. After graduating from Cal Poly she moved to San Francisco where she worked for the Port Authority.

She bought a weekend home in Bethel Island in 1972. She was an avid gardener, loved camping, and traveling to new places. She wrote a book in 1979 called Right Where You Live, published by Celestial Arts. The book is a comprehensive guide to finding the right place for you to live or improving the place you live so it becomes the right place.

People sitting or socializing on the porch at the Bethel Island Post Office may not know that the sheltered area is a result of Constance's work. When she saw the original building plans she immediately noticed that the proposed entry area porch was facing west and would be buffeted by northwest winds in the winter and the hot afternoon sun in the summer. She tackled the impersonal federal bureaucracy and convinced the postal authorities to turn the proposed building around. They did.

Constance made another contribution to the community which no one can see and that's the way she wanted it. Today, when Bethel islanders look up at the sky their view is not marred by ugly high power lines and huge transmission towers. WAPA (Western Area Power Administration) planned to run 500 kV transmission lines directly over Bethel Island in the late 1980s. Constance spearheaded a group called PROPP (Positive Resolution Of Powerline Problems). It took several years of work, but WAPA finally decided on an alternate route.

Quiet community service work took much of Constance's time. Her motto was, "One day at a time."

Constance was a founding member of the East County Area Planning Advisory group, a precursor to the East County Planning Commission. She was a member of the East Bay Regional Parks Citizens Advisory Committee and Soroptimists International of the Delta. She was a member of the American Institute of Architects.

Constance was born on August 26, 1931 in Redlands, California. The Nash family moved to Palm Springs where her father became the manager of the California Water and Telephone Company. At that time, Palm Springs had only 350 telephones.

Constance Brady passed away unexpectedly on Friday, August 27, 2004.

Constance left many friends and her niece Kerry Henderson and Kerry's husband Richard, two grand-nephews, and two nephews.

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