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Family Gathering Tree Quilt 7/7/04Mike in a log cabin quilt block

Copyright © 2004 Christine Thresh

My brother-in-law Butch Thresh has been holding family barbeques since 1988 in the Grass Valley/Nevada City area of California. This quilt was a thank you to him for all the wonderful times that the family (and adopted family members) have enjoyed. The quilt was presented to him on July 17, 2004. It took a lot of work to gather 61 photos (you can see them all if you really want to by scrolling down the page). The photos are on an angle because that's how they go in the block. They were printed on treated cotton fabric. The individual blocks were done in the log cabin pattern. Many of the fabric strips were contributed by Sylvia and Toni -- two other quilters in the family. Quilting was done by Sally Ann Smith, visiting here from New Zealand, on a Gammill long-arm machine.

Pattern now available

The pattern has three different quilt layouts to fit your family size

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Family Gathering Tree pattern
15 Jennifer4 Robert Thresh11 Davis
01 butch17 Toni18 Joseph
45 Peter46 Ann Z64 Barbara's SO
53 Barbara8 Sally48 Ann's 2nd son
33 Lucy38 Michelle65 Cath's husb
13 Diane34 Mike Pope29 Sylvia
43 April24 Joey19 Spencer
31 Catherine21 Scott7 Greg
30 Jess55 Claire52 Patsy
26 Peg22 Kyle62 Will Fulwider
63 Ken Booth64 Senjin12 Kenneth
5 HollyH36 Chad66 Cindy
49 Jay35 Jamie25 Madeline
32 Peggy50 Cal Hermansen3 Sonja
44 Wayne40 Bill B41 Loree B
47 Michael Z51 Ellen14 Benjamin
16 Beverly39 Lorie37 Drew
42 Jules
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Created: 5/30/2004 Updated: 8/28/2004