The quilt is finished! (Better late than never.)

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Finished quilt for Kris and John, 12/10/04

Chimney Sweep Friendship Album Block for Kris

My Chimney Sweep Block
This block was made with dark blue fabric called Honeysuckle by William Morris (1834-1896) from Rose and Hubble.

Kris and John Driessen lost their house to a fire in July of 2002. Lisa Earlandson and Lori East coordinated the making of a comfort quilt for Kris and John.

Here were the guidelines from Lisa and Lori: "To make your block, please use washed 1800s reproduction fabrics and unbleached muslin. Paper-piece, on lightweight paper with small machine stitches, using one reproduction fabric for the background, another for the 'chimney.' Use muslin for the cross in the center. Be sure to sign the center of your block (and add a message if you choose)."
There are foundations you can print out from this page (scroll on down). Print lots of copies so you will have them on hand for experiments and practice blocks. Mac users may find the foundations print small. Measure the blue strip and if is shorter than 6 inches your foundations will be too small to make the 6" block.


Block and assembly diagram
The block is 6-inches square (finished).

You will make two side patches on foundations, and then two top and bottom patches. Next, make the two strips to go above and below the signature strip. You can practice signing on your chosen fabric until you get it just right, then rotary cut the signature strip.

Sew the two strips above and below the signature strip. Then sew the two assembled side patches on the ends of the completed center patch. Next sew on the top and bottom triangle patches. Trim the block along the outside line of the 1/4-inch seam allowance.


6 inch rule
Side foundationSide foundation
Top foundation
bottom foundation
small stripsmall strip
Signature strip

For a Free Paper Piecing Primer click on the arrow

. Paper Piecing Primer site
Lisa Erlandson put the blocks together with black sashing. She made a piano key border with the extra fabric the contributors sent with their blocks. Lisa sent the quilt top (and backing and batting) to Christine in California in July of 2004. The quilt top was turned over to the quilter, Sally Ann, in late July, but she had to go home to New Zealand to stand by her very ill sister.
Left border sideRight border side
Backing and quilting
The quilt was machine quilted by Sally Ann Smith of New Zealand when she came back to California.

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