The Davis sisters and the Romines

Years ago, there were three Davis sisters, Myrta, Mae, and Betty. Two of the Davis sisters married two Romine brothers. Myrta married Will Romine, and Mae married Rufus Romine. The Romine family used to say there were eight Romine brothers and each brother had a sister. There were not eight sisters, only one, Pearl. Pearl Romine married Ernest Horspool. Betty Davis married Edward McClure and lived happily ever after, but it would have been a better story if she had married another of the Romine brothers. Both names (Romine and Davis) have been continued in the family to this day. I am Myrta Davis Romine's granddaughter and my son's name is Davis Romine Thresh.

Seven Romine brothers and their sister
Myrta, Will, and WilliamMae and her children

Here are some assorted pictures from Myrta Davis Romine's photo album.

Will Romine at 20 or 21Laura Ann Romine
Betty, Edward, and Elizabeth (Libby)
Romine, Pearl, Winston, Mae
At the Claremont in 1946
MaeDavis sisters

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