Paper Foundation Pieced Shuttle Pattern

Shuttle circle block

We've all been thinking about the Columbia Shuttle disaster since early Saturday morning (2/1/03). Monday morning, I made a small 2.5" x 3.5" paper pieced shuttle block. This week I made a large block with seven shuttles in a circle to honor the seven crew members.

Shuttle block drawing

Print these page for your patterns and instructions. Printers and computers vary so your measurements may be different. The small finished block (when it is sewn into a quilt) is supposed to be 2.5" x 3.5". The Shuttle block is made on five foundations. Each foundation has a quarter-inch seam allowance. Make the five parts on their foundations, then sew them together for the complete block. Trim the completed block but be sure to leave the outside seam allowance on four sides. Remove the paper when you are about to sew the block to other blocks for your quilt.

You may make many copies of this shuttle pattern for your own personal use, however you may not make copies of the shuttle pattern for distribution to others (for sale or for free) without written permission from the copyright holder, Christine Thresh. Thank you.

Foundations for Shuttle block
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Instructions for making the Seven Shuttle Block

Make seven (7) paper pieced Shuttle Blocks.
Make seven (7) shuttle blocks
rectangle sew to shuttle blockRotary cut seven (7) 3-inch by 4-1/2-inch rectangles from your background fabric. Then, sew one rectangle along the top (nose) of each shuttle block. Use a quarter-inch seam. Press.
Next, cut seven triangles from your background fabric using the template below.
Cut seven (7) triangles

Sew blocks to trianglesSew triangle pieces between the Shuttle Blocks. Remember you are working with bias edges here so be careful and don't stretch your triangles out of shape. Press seams toward triangles. You are making a "wreath" shape.
Fold seams backFold the edges of the inner circle of the "wreath" shape toward the back side of the fabric. The fold should be approximately 1/4" wide. Press. Cut a 6" diameter circle from your background fabric. Center the circle behind the folded edges of the "wreath." Pin in place. Whip stitch the folded edges to the center circle background (just the way you stitch down the back of a quilt binding). Or, use your favorite applique stitch. Press.
square layout Spread your large completed circle block out on your cutting surface. Superimpose a square over the circle. Rotary cut your block to a square which includes a quarter-inch seam allowance on all sides. I cut my block at 13" square. It can be cut down to 12-1/2" later, if necessary, for a 12" finished size block.

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Created: 2/3/03 Updated: 2/11/03